Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

Although there are different kinds of treatments, procedures and surgery that can assist in improving the look of your skin, it is important that you look after your skin to start with. If you are unhappy with how gravity, the sun and everything else seems to be changing your skin’s appearance, here are some tips and facts from DermatologyCare .CA that will assist you:


EXERCISE:   Although exercise is vital to your health and great skin, it won’t change the structure of your skin as it gets older. The look of your skin is determined mostly by genetics and sun exposure.

COSMETICS:   As you age you need to use both lighter colored cosmetics and lighter hair colors. These are more flattering to your skin tone and can keep you looking and feeling younger. You can also learn about “how to change your facial structure“, click here

MENOPAUSE:   As you go through menopause, it’s very common to find that the skincare products you once relied on are no longer as effective. For example, the hormonal changes associated with menopause often leave skin feeling drier than before. Try a richer moisturizer to see if it makes a difference.

SUNBEDS:   Contrary to popular belief, sunbeds are not a safer way to tan. Sunbeds emit UVA rays and causing tanning and aging of the skin .They may also be important in the development of melanoma. If you’re using a sunbed, you’re accelerating the aging of your skin and increasing your risk of skin cancer. Read more on

LIPSTICK:   Did you know that your lipstick helps your lips look younger and protects them? It’s true. Using lipstick, helps protect your lips from harmful rays. It’s one of the reasons men are more apt to get lip cancer – so men slap on the lip protection!

YOUR EYES:   Don’t forget your eyes! Long-term sun exposure can lead to cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. So as you head out the door, be sure to grab your sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, or both!

WATER:   Drinking water is not enough! While many people believe that drinking a lot of water will help keep their skin smooth and supple, in truth, water consumption has only a small effect. A better approach to keeping your skin at its best is to drink plenty of water and use a moisturizer daily.

SLEEP:   Get your beauty rest! It’s actually true – a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking its best. For a healthy and glowing complexion, get plenty of sleep, maintain a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly.

CELLULITTE:   Hate your cellulite? You are not alone. Drinking water and exercising unfortunately doesn’t make it go away although having a less body fat does help. There are creams and procedures available that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Talk to your dermatologist if it really bugs you.