I’m a new player who knows almost nothing. I’ve noticed during my 80 some hours playing 4-8 and 6-12 TH games in Las Vegas that “my cards” come in waves. I follow the suggested playable hands of Caro, Jones, Krieger, etc. and sometimes I can go for 6+ hours not seeing a flop, then, all of a sudden, my cards change. I get good cards. I can play. I win some hands. The cards come. And then I go cold again.

Is this normal? Do those of you who have thousands of hours of playing Sbobet88 time have the same hot-cold variation in the cards that you are dealt and in how they fit with the flop? Do you vary the hand with which you will call/raise preflop as your “luck” changes? I haven’t seen these questions asked before. Am I missing something?

Opinion 1

I think so. It’s not so much what you do with the hands as to what you can do when you establish a hot streak at a table. I’ve often found that after winning a bunch of hands in a short period of time, especially if I’ve had to show down genuine power, then you can use that to become boss of the table driving out hands that you don’t quite have the power to normally drive out. Other players will fear your run of luck and leave you pots, with hands that they might normally try to draw out on you with.

Opinion 2

It is not possible to be on a streak at poker — lucky or unlucky. This doesn’t mean you won’t experience streaks — you will. You just can’t be experiencing them NOW. Streaks are always something you see in the rear view mirror. You can wave to a streak and say, “There it was.” But that’s all. A streak has no influence on what your next cards will be.

For psychological reasons, you should play more aggressively when you are winning and more conservatively when you are not — but that’s another issue. About going six hours without seeing a flop following my advice, I can’t argue with what you are reporting.

Opinion 3

Lou Krieger suggests in one of his books, if you are suffering a wave of bad beats, to tighten up even more. As things improve you can add more speculative cards to your play. When you’re playing only top cards (AA, KK, AK, QQ) and passing the drawing hands, even good ones like QJs, you’re giving yourself the best chance to be in the lead before the flop happens, and this will help reduce losses at a time when you need to do damage control most.

Additionally, when your opponents only see huge pocket cards from you for a while, they’ll be less inclined to call that bet trying to draw out on you, giving you a win when you might not have had the best hand. What happened in the last 6 six hours has no influence on what cards you’ll be dealt in the next hand. But you can be extra selective on what you do choose to enter the pot with, and that’s probably your best strategy to keep yourself off tilt!

Arty’s Opinion

Playing a rush or playing a run of luck, bad or good. Something Intangible, impossible to predict? We have all had those days when we couldn’t do anything wrong, and days when we couldn’t do anything right. Even though we know that it is impossible to predict runs of good and bad cards, we sure as heck know, or at least get that funny feeling when we are in that run.

When the cards are running hot, you can feel the power that a run of good cards or luck can give you over the table. Players will fear if not respect your luck. It is no different than when you are in a run of bad cards, observant players will play more aggressively against you and try to run you down more often than normal. You know what I am talking about “The Old Blood In The Water” syndrome.

There have been times when my cards ran so bad that I knew I was being singled out for bait. These are the times you have to move to another table just to get a change of faces, hoping that the new table will not have the same advantage over you. I can vividly remember one of these nights. It got so bad that one of the players, who I knew, called me to the river and beat me with a miracle draw. He said to me, “Arti, your cards are running so bad that I figured you wouldn’t win this one either. All I could say was “It figures.” Now go win money.