Full-Tilt Leaderboards – Current Winners Apr22


It’s April 22nd and players on Full Tilt’s three leaderboards have been keeping the action juicy for the third week in a row.  It’s always a pleasure covering Full Tilt’s leaderboards and I can expect only the best from a lot of these players in what they bring to the table each week.  All three boards look to be a bit more stable this week as opposed to the dynamic nature of previous two weeks.  Still early in the month, players were floating up and down the leaderboards with no real direction the past few weeks.  Seven days have passed and it seems we’re starting to see some players hold their ground more firmly.

FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the FTP Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the Full Tilt network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar.  Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing.  It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.

For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (a whopping 250 recorded places) click here:  April 22nd Leaderboard Results.

Today’s Analysis:

Current April 22nd Top Ten MTT Leaders:

1     PimpinDonk   13167.80

2     MoormanI      11034.10

3     doomweed      10875.40

4     bparis               9892.30

5     Pimpnuho         9054.00

6     USCphildo        8816.80

7     Rounder63       8439.60

8     bethwolf22       8404.10

9     eat da fish        8287.90

10   chronicATM     8235.40


PimpinDonks has held a top ten position for 19 of the past 30 days.  His persistence has paid off this month as he’s sitting in 1st place for the thirteenth day in a row.  PimpinDonks has about a 2,000 chip lead on the 2nd place holder, MoormanI – the highest difference in chips for any two consecutive positions in the top ten right now.  MoormanI is in 2nd place for the second week in a row after being in 143rd place just three weeks ago.  Both of these players are newer to the MTT top ten and I was unsure whether or not they’d be able to stick around long enough to see the end of the month.  Slowly but surely they’re proving their worth as their leads are pretty solid and continuing.

doomweed has made a mad dash for the top climbing to 3rd place overall from last week’s 6th position.  Like MoormanI, doomweed rose to 6th place last week after having been in 140th place the prior week.  His continual efforts to climb to the top show that he’s not just your average luckbox.


bparis is one of those players you can expect a lot of action from.  Out of everyone in the top ten right now, bparis is one of the most accomplished.  In January he scored a 5th place overall top ten win, he’s held numerous positions in both the MTT and high limit SNG for Full Tilt, and has also seated himself positions on Pokerstars’ Leaderboard.  In fact, bparis is in 6th place right now on Pokerstars.  paris is definitely a player that PimpinDonks should be keeping an eye on in the next week or so.


Like paris, USCphildo is skilled in his art and has enjoyed many great wins over his short career playing poker.  Being that he’s only 23 years old, more good things are bound to come his way.  Only furthering the level of respect he truly deserves, crypto gambling has held top ten positions on both Full Tilt and Pokerstars MTT leaderboards simultaneously. Last week phildo sat in 9th place, lower than his current 6th place position.  Occupying positions on both the Full Tilt and Pokerstars leaderboards at once is an accomplishment in itself and shows that he has what it takes to mark this down as a win come April 30th.


Current April 22nd Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit:


1      time4sumakshun    21944.60

2     phatchoy888           20622.00

3     jeppg1111               17991.60

4     moneyinthebank1   17432.70

5     Mement_mori         15203.60

6     Hezballer               13903.90

7     Saint Annie            13358.20

8     beanmo                  12979.10

9     happygabita           12375.20

10   MGDOGG               10934.70

time4sumakshun has shaken things up this week after leapfrogging last week’s 1st place holder phatchoy888.  I wouldn’t count phatchoy out just yet though as there’s still eight days left in this competition.  jeppg1111 is staying consistent as well staying in 3rd place for the third week in a row.  Can he hold his position through the end of the month and take home a 3rd place win?  moneyinthebank1 climbed the leaderboard as expected and rose one spot to 4th overall right now.  moneyinthebank1 is a great SNG player and time4sumakshun and phatchoy888 won’t be taking the top two positions without a fight.  Due to moneyinthebanks jump, Mement_mori was knocked back a notch to 5th place overall.  beanmo is surprisingly staying in 8th place for another week.  I had expected him to climb at least a couple positions in the leaderboard over the week.

Current April 22nd Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit:

1     tcmwpti                   9903.80

2     MajorPolk               9474.70

3     kokmus                   8036.30

4     WPTfuji                   6763.00

5     number1luckyone   6749.20

6     Peristeria                6601.80

7     Ingenol                    6516.10

8     einsammy                6414.30

9     ObvFish                   6398.30

10   timo82samuel          6253.50

tcmwpti nabbed 1st place from MajorPolk over the course of the week and it looks like this new player is sitting pretty on top.  MajorPolk is still going strong though with a decent chip lead on our 3rd place contender kokmus.  Having a chiplead on kokmus doesn’t mean much though, as he’s got enough skill to tip the odds in his favor anyway on a lot of players.  WPTfuji, another great low stakes SNG player is currently in 4th place, one position up from last week.  It’s good to see einsammy back on the board after having been absent for quite some time.  Last week einsammy was in 9th place and can be found in 8th today.  A player like einsammy has nowhere to go but up!

With just over one week to go before April’s winners are crowned and awarded prizes, these players are probably feeling the pressure to up their game to the next level to ensure good positions by April 30th.  Check back next week for a a quick look at what the leaderboards will look like just two days before we go over the winners!