Turbo heads up sit and go tournaments


เเทงหวยออนไลน์ just added heads up sit and go tournaments with 5-minute blinds. Ive actually been pulling for them to create these tables. Now that theyve made these turbo heads up sit and gos, Im having second thoughts.

My first thought was that these would be great. Better players will win money faster while the losing players would just donate quicker. The normal 10-minute blind heads up sit and go tournaments seemed to take forever during the first 20 minutes if were both playing similar styles with keeping pots small.

But now at second thought Im thinking they might be a huge rake drain. The luck factor goes up, because you’re playing less hands, so youre ROI is going to go down.

Heads up sit and gos have a 5% rake so you need to be able to maintain a 5% roi (without counting rake) just to break even. I know everyone thinks they win 8/10 of these things, but its not true. The best players at limits above $50 usually maintain a 6-10% ROI with counting rake in these games. I get these stats from sharkscope, which is surprisingly accurate.

Its so hard to even speculate, because there are so many variables. But I think these turbo heads up sit and gos will favor the best players who use really good game selection. Someone who maintains a 2% ROI with counting rake will turn into a losing player if it decreases their ROI by 3%. Assuming you can get twice the amount of games in, someone with a 6% ROI would make the same amount, and anything after that, youd be making more by making the switch.

I just pulled a 3% decrease from making the switch out of nowhere. I dont really know what it would be. Just keep in mind that youre variance is going to go up and win rate will decrease because of faster blinds.

New Bike Frame!

I love getting new things. I just got a new frame in the mail today. I was able to get $70 off because they’re phasing out the 06 model for the 07’s, which are pretty much the same. so it was $260 instead of $330. ~$300 is the normal price for good bmx frames.

I’m sure nobody has any idea what i’m talking about, but i’ll go on anyway. I got a brakeless Sunday frame. My other frame okay, but the 21″ top tube is a bit to long for me and it’s about 3 years old and getting really beat up. This one has a 20.5″ top tube, internal headset, mid bottom bracket, and a bunch of other innovative features. It’s a little over a pound lighter, and probably stronger then my old frame. Hopefully it lasts me a few years.


By far the best part about it is that it doesn’t have any brake mounts. I’ve ruined a ton of jeans because when riding brakeless, the brake mounts slowly tare holes in them when I pedal. I can stop or slow down by pivoting my right foot so the heel of my shoe goes in the groove between the the back tire and the frame. It’s second nature for me now.

I wish I had some pictures of me riding that I can post. I’ll try and get some next week before it gets to cold. I hate winter so much 🙁