Zompo! Wild Berries & Cream – Energy drink by Vimgo

Energy Drink



AKA the energy mixer.  This stuff is basically a damn fine juice with an energy boost.  If you have read many of the reviews on this site it’s probably pretty obvious to you that I like sweet drinks.  That being said, it would be no surprise to find that I really dig fruit juices and sweet drinks like daiquiris, margaritas, piña coladas and other such girlie beverages…which should tell you a lot about Energy Drink Zompo! Wild Berries and Cream.  WB&C is much more natural tasting than the Peach Nectarine & Cream Zompo! And the cream aspect is greatly reduced…as a matter of fact it’s barely noticeable at all which to me, is a good thing.  This stuff is pretty packed with flavor…lots of strawberry and raspberry sweetness with just a hint of tartness to keep it from being syrupy.   Honestly, this is a drink that I would expect to see in little packets served to kids on a hot day more than in a bottle powered by energy herbs and caffeine.  If you didn’t know what you were drinking you could probably pop down a couple of bottles on a hot day and be wired wondering where the hell all your excess energy was coming from…..Which brings me into the power of the drink itself.  Much like the PN&C WB&C is not as potent an energy drink as most….but I really don’t think it’s supposed to be.  It’s more aimed at being a good tasting healthier drink that has a bit of an energy boost contained inside it than a full blown make-you-wired-to-the-point-you-can-feel-your-hair-growing-liquid-crack-in-a-can energy drink.  It fills a nice little market niche that really not many at all have tried to enter.  It’s something that just tastes good and has a nice little bonus to drinking it.  Honestly though, I think that there was a little more of a power punch from the PN&C than there was for this one….I felt something, but it really didn’t wake me up fully.  Not my drink of choice for getting me going, but definitely something I’d drink again for the flavor…..I bet a nice cold bottle would kick ass on a hot summer day.


And in case you really want to give you WB&C an extra boost, try it in a Melberry…tasty, tasty stuff.




1 1/2 oz Midori

1 oz Chambord Raspberry

4 oz Zompo! Wild Berries & Cream

Lemon Juice

Lime Juice



Mixing instructions:  Pour Midori, Chambord and WB&C in a shaker. Add a squeeze of lemon and lime juice. Shake. Strain into highball half filled with ice. Garnish with fresh raspberries.