What is the difference between custom diamond painting and custom vector art diamond painting?

Diamond Art

People of all ages love diamond painting and how easily it brings out their creative side. It’s a hobby with a very small learning curve that anyone can learn to do. What makes custom diamond painting different from custom vector art?   They are both forms of diamond painting that uses little colored beads that […]

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Ten Sigs of Good Translations at Translation Agency UK

Translation Agency UK

A good translation is not the mere substitution of isolated words or phrases. It is a clear and precise message that conveys the true meaning of the original text. A good translation is one that, while conveying the exact meaning of the original document, communicates with the intended reader — a translation that reads as […]

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Twitter and the Flow of Information on What Is Flic

What Is Flic

    “The Tweets Must Flow” says the newest post on the Official Twitter blog, which aims to keep users up-to-date on the newest developments, changes and information regarding all that is the Twitterverse.   Today’s post, relatively speaking, is more than warranted: with the protests in Cairo still dominating the Twittersphere and news reels, […]

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Known Football Logos In A Town Without An NFL Team and 2022 Sports calendars

Buy 2022 Calendars

    The city of Los Angeles, the second largest city in the U., has no professional football team. That fact, however, should not be interpreted as meaning that Los Angeles has no well-recognized football logos. In fact, it has two. Every fall there is one really big football weekend in Los Angeles.   That […]

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